Being Unique

Easier said than done right? Being unique in today’s world often seems to be a struggle #thestruggleisreal due to the fact that there are so many avenues of discussion in social media, the school system, self-help books etc. that TELL us to be unique and different. However, we are actually ALL unique, really we are! From a biochemical level each and every person who is born and living has unique biochemistry with even research showing twins do not have the same biochemistry – the same DNA yes but at the molecular level VERY different. Human beings are made up of over a trillion cells and there are 10 billion chemical processes happening within us every second!

So now that you know you are literally unique from any other human being on this planet, how do we use this data to find growth in our personal lives? That is where the concept of dance and play come in; the dance of evolution, of creativity and ultimately the joy that sprouts from the seeds of living our lives in the presence of love is the first step in being “unique”. The late contemporary mystic Osho once said, β€œdo only that which you enjoy, if you don’t enjoy – don’t do it”. What does that even mean?

One interpretation (my interpretation) could mean if you find something so genuinely beautiful and full-filling that does not require you questioning if you really are enjoying the thing, then this is what you ought to continue to do, UNTIL the time comes when through awareness and being present in those moments leads to not enjoying the thing anymore. I take this example to only be applicable to small scale goals and items of joy, there are certain criteria which I will not go over in this blog.

So is this all you need to be unique? No, it is not. However, once you find something you are completely passionate about that you enjoy doing any day or time of the week then I invite you to find other like-minded individuals to help grow this passion; through the inter-actions (inner | action) you experience with others as well as through the lens of your own experience you will then find ways to be completely free of the mirror of expectations and affirmations you may believe are required to RE-Affirm your uniqueness.

There will come a time when the dance of growth and personal evolution happens so naturally without thought that no utterance of what ifs will rise in your consciousness. To be unique means literally to be O N E, you have one body, mind and soul. This I take it as what it means to be Unique – Be YOU……


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