Flexibility – To Bend or Not

I’m sure you’ve seen the picture of that certain girl in Lululemon pants bending in some weird way with her spine and may have thought to yourself, “How is that even possible?!” The physical capabilities of the human body are quite vast, just like with anything a certain time is required for muscles to stretch and adapt to the new range of length it’s been introduced to. For most the practice of stretching is a training tool only implemented before they engage in some type of physical training (running, Yoga, resistance training etc.) but that is only one type of flexibility.

Creating a broader range of motion for your body keeps the muscles from becoming hypertonic (overly tight) which allows you to breath more effectively, keeps your nervous system from adapting to poor postural positions as well as maintains a healthy relationship with your own body awareness. However, flexibility can also translate to being flexible in mind – being open minded and not narrow minded. The more you allow different ideas and concepts to enter your thought process the more variables you have to play around with when it comes to figuring out what works for you and what doesn’t. An example could be if you are attempting to sell a product to a large and already established market.

If you already believe your way is the ONLY way to sell your product you lose out on potential sales and further indirect marketing of your product if your method is simply not working. Now if your method is working, then keep on going! However, the dynamics of sales and understanding your market can constantly change – again being flexible in your approach will allow you to adapt to changes.

Stretch your body, stretch your mind and your soul will find more room for you to grow in your own energetic and creative spirit.


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