Art Vs Application

For those who have ever trained in any art for a decent amount of time you understand that the lessons you’ve accumilated from thousands of hours of training have given you tools for growth outside of those training halls/rooms. The art form itself is simply a means to better understand your inner-truth (call this passion/dreams/goals), that itch you get each and everytime you’ve found progression in a technique or form.

Once you’ve practiced a particular skill long enough you then begin to find ways to apply the lessons of discipline, commitment and strong habits to your life in general. Through these self-motivated characteristics you find not only reliable tools for growth in your vocation/craft but you also find a deeper sense of self, a more rooted foundation towards awareness that branches to all aspects of your lives (career, family, relationships, friendships).

The art is there to express your creativity, whatever that may be, and through creative expression is how you become closer to your spirit (that which cannot be seen or heard but felt with your heart). Take what you’ve learned from hours and hours of beating on your craft and apply that to any and all variables of your life.

All blessings,

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