Taking Risks

What is a risk? Should you take it? Can you take it? Risk may be defined as a calculable or incalculable transition with regards to an action. Risks involve consequences but they also offer rewards. You may have often heard of risk over reward, surely when you take a risk there is always a negative aspect to it.

My invitation is not to judge risks with regards to your dreams as PURELY a calculation; there is a defined difference between taking a calculated risk and a blind risk – knowing how to evaluate the situation will offer you which avenue to take. However, once you have established not only your INTENTION behind taking the risk but also having studied the possible outcomes of the risk, do not be afraid of the word itself. Every successful man and woman knows that with great success comes failure and risk, some turn out positive some not so much but the key factor with successful people is their belief and determination. For them a risk is another word for “opportunity”.

Know your risks, what type it is and as long as it’s inline with your dream/goal/one love then by all means take the call to action.


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