Being Decisive

We’ve all been there before, that moment when it’s your time to shine, to do your best and perform but may have fell short of the win. For athletes it’s in a matter of seconds for them to make decisions that will ultimately lead to victory or defeat. It takes courage and confidence in yourself to accomplish the greatest of feats, to know that once you make this decision you leave everything on the table – no doubts.

For many of us this is almost entirely impossible to do, or is it? You don’t have to be the fastest, strongest or more agile person in the world to be “Great”. If you ask any professional regardless of what field or industry they are in, chances are that one thing you will find in common is that in some aspect of their craft they are very decisive. They create a plan of action, they evaluate, they make a decision to test it and regardless of the outcome they learn so much from this experience.

My invitation to you is this, if you there is some aspect of your life you wish to change, to grow then take action. Stop thinking about it for days on out, make a move and then reflect. It may not necessarily be the outcome you “hoped” for you, however YOU taking action is what will usher in more confidence and courage, the building blocks to becoming a stronger version of yourself.

Don’t be afraid to fail, failure is an experience that lends to wisdom which ultimately makes you a stronger version of yourself. I’ve once heard…….

“What’s the difference between a Hero and a Coward?”
“There isn’t much, they both experience and have fears, but the Hero makes a decision to do something about it.”

Cus D’Amato

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