Change – Necessary or Forced?

We’ve all heard that change can be good when things become stagnant, but change in itself is not necessarily the action which leads to “bigger’ change in your life. Ask yourself if the motivating factors for you changing is out of self-reflection to be aligned with your dreams, or if it’s a forced change.

You’ll have moments when circumstances (economic, social etc.) FORCE you to change in order to ensure some degree of survival which we all need, but know that forced change is that which encompasses only one face of the story. Necessary change is that which embodies action taken in the direction of your dream/one love that is self-motivatiing and authentic to your inner truth. This face of change comes from within, it’s directed by your heart/joy/love and that is more powerful than forced change.

Understand, both will come into your lives and both will have their own means to the end. The invitation to you is to learn through experience and guidance by mentors/coaches etc. when each come into your life and to allow each type of change to run its course without judgement, much like a stream of water flowing into a lake; the water does not judge where it eventually fills into – it simply moves forward. Embrace change and live the life you have dreamed for you.


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