Trying New Things

We’ve all heard our parents or grandparents at one time in our lives telling us, “Don’t be afraid just try it!” haven’t we? Our first inclination was toΒ NOT try what they wanted us to experience due to fear or a subconscious response to do the opposite. It is important to allow our minds to function autonomously but equally as important for us to think for ourselves; to have space to evaluate and determine if something is beneficial or not. However, I invite you start looking at ALL aspects of life as “simple opportunities”.

Notice how I’ve inserted SIMPLE into the phrase, I CHOOSE to use simple as often times we over-complicate things when it comes to making decisions and trying new things. A SIMPLE OPPORTUNITY denotes less risk/reward factors and allows your mind to begin to view new experiences as opportunities which give you insight and awareness to old holding patterns you may be associating with from a neuromuscular perspective. Research has shown what we hold in our minds ends up manifesting in our bodies (link to bioenergetics), if you start to look at the world as one big opportunity you engage a dialogue of introspection with your inner-self.

This dialogue is the first step in becoming more AWARE of your environment, the people closest to you and ultimately your dreams for the future. Keep trying new things and let them be from SIMPLE OPPORTUNITY.


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