Motivation and Habits

If you’ve ever pictured yourself somewhere else other than where you currently are, what motivated you to eventually move toward that direction? Perhaps it was a dream vacation, the job you’ve always wanted, the school you hoped to attend or the woman/man of your dreams.

The one common thing you’ll find amongst successful people (successful as in simply achieving a goal or reaching potential) is the strong concept of habit. By creating a structured program, you consistently evaluate and have tangible means of knowing how close you are to your goals. Without structure there leaves too much room for laziness and negligence to come into the picture.

Find a structured plan or create your own to help build daily habits which you follow REGARDLESS of how you feel each day. You’ll have to do things you don’t want to do or may not have the energy BUT those people who do what others don’t are the ones who make it in the end. Whether your dream is to lose 20 lbs so you can feel and be more healthy or if your dream is to land a rewarding job interview you MUST create strong habits each day to work toward that dream. Find a coach/mentor/and resources to help you create a plan so you have a means to manifest the habits needed.


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