Finding Balance

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt like finding balance in your life is much like walking on a tight rope across two sky rise buildings………….now, now don’t be shy i’ll even raise my hand up (Raises Hand UP)! With all of the bountiful opportunities in life it also comes with a bit of reluctance and constant persuasion on your part to take care of yourself.

You see when you’re able to subscribe to the notion of self-care (Saucha is one of the Five Yoga Niyamas) you can create a plan of caring for your physical body. When you are able to care for your physical body you’ll discover highly effective means to communicate that with your mind. After you’ve taken the time and consistent efforts to care for your mind then your spirit will awaken in the form of increased vitality, more energy through the day, a clearer picture of your dream/one love and being a supportive person to those around you.

See when you’re able to find balance in small ways, it’s similar to tossing a small pebble in a pond. That small pebble is the catalyst to thousands of ripples in the pond which echo beyond what the eye can see. Start small, begin simple just as the pebble and you’ll begin to find balance in your life that reflect the thousands of ripples YOU create.


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