Overcoming Fear

What is fear? Is it reluctance to move forward? Perhaps inability to make a decision or follow your heart? I believe it’s all of them, we all run into the wall of fear at some point. The question is, what do we do now? Do we continue to stay content with where we are, to not move forward but stand still?
Osho describes maturity as seeking the vertical line, the line of energy that is infinite and of the universe. We must ask ourselves what is it we truly wish to see happen in the world? What is it that we want to see change, for the better of mankind which will help our own spiritual journey. Our shadow-selves are an extension of who we are, they are not separate from us but they are a part of us. However, your shadows are there to remind you of how much potential and growth there is, how much more to life there is!
Keep growing stronger,

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