Dear Coach, Feeling Depressed and Stuck

Question, “How do I get myself to work harder? I’m stuck in depression because every time I want to do work for school or a project for myself, my drive collapses. I truly don’t know what to do.”

Well my friend thank you very much for sharing your experiences with the world. Literally you’ve communicated with a few billion people who may read this! I’m puzzled though, you have the courage and bravery to speak to the world, yet your question is riddled with discouraging and almost cowardly words – how can you be both? You say that you “thank” your lack of willpower yet you’ve taken the time to express your inner feelings to the world community. You say that you, “don’t even have the will to get in bed on time”, yet you have the willpower to share and express your concerns with a few billion people? Now I apologize if i’m not interpreting you correct, but it seems that you already have the answers you’re looking for. I say that because you are asking the right questions and more often than not when you ask THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTIONS YOURSELF, you already know the answers to them friend.

Now you mention that you feel accomplished and goal oriented in the gym, I invite you look at the gym as your library. You feed and nurture your physical body correct? How are you complimenting your exercise? By eating the right foods correct? If you aren’t getting enough sleep your body isn’t going anabolic and THAT is when your muscles grow and your CNS has time to recover for your next pound and smash date with Mr and Mrs. 100lbs on the Incline (or whichever exercise floats your boat). Do see what i’m saying here friend? Treat your work, school, projects as BUILDING and PROGRESSING not only your mental strength BUT YOUR TRUE STRENGTH. When you can empower yourself and create physical + mental strength that = VICTORY. Pat yourself on the back, be proud of yourself, get out of your chair and shout and hoot for getting your first project done, for getting to bed no later than 10:30PM (if you can manage), for hammering that exam or quiz.

Create a mantra that you will say EVERY DAY until the end of the semester. LOOK YOURSELF STRAIGHT IN THE EYE IN THE MIRROR EACH MORNING AND EVENING AND SAY, “I AM THE BEST, I’M PROUD OF YOU, I LOVE YOU”. Repeat that 5 times in a row each time let it be louder and louder. Don’t be afraid to say things to and by yourself, after all it is YOUR LIFE.

Keep growing stronger,

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