Are there good habits to start, making your adult life easier?

I will invite you to re-phrase the last part of this question from “make your adult life easier” to “make your adult life significant”. See when you have words such as Easy, Easier, Quick Shot, Short Cut and Simpler that’s exactly the type of person you become. How many shortcuts did Michael Jordan take to become one of the greatest to play the game of Basketball? How many easy ways did Tony Robbins take when he was a teenager to be one of the greatest speakers of his generation?

NONE, everyone who came before and after them understand the inherent value of HARD WORK, DISCIPLINE and STRONG HABITS. Habits themselves get the job done but don’t be fooled in thinking that achievement = an easier life. This is because LIFE is Cyclical, it moves up and down with the forces of nature. Life is a constant rollercoaster moving up and down, side to side and then back to the start only to go through the ups and downs again and again and again.

So if you can:

  • See things through to the end
  • Make your word your bond
  • Give more services than you get paid for
  • Exercise 4–5 times a week, spend 30 minutes daily goal setting/meditating/Dr. Quiet/Church/Spiritual Connection
  • Eat the right foods for you
  • Be a life long learner

Then you will begin to cultivate the habits successful people have, continue to exhibit and will continue to do until their last days.

Understand that, “You make a living by what you get, you make a life but what you give”.

Blessings and Strength,

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