Ways to Improve Your Craft

If you feel that creativity is lacking, take a break from your art. Literally, PUT IT DOWN. Take a week to do something COMPLETELY different – the moments when you’re NOT thinking about your craft (when you’re in a creative slump) is EXACTLY when you’ll find inspiration.

If you’re looking at more of the technical aspect of your art, ask people in your industry what they’re working on. Get together with those people over dinner, lunch, coffee/tea and have a conversation so you can ASK QUESTIONS. Doing so will give you a feedback sheet you can mentally or physically create, then go back to your studio/room/etc look at the sheet and begin to highlight areas you like in PURPLE/MAGENTA. This color relates to our higher being, in the Chakra system it is your Crown Chakra energy – that which relates to the Universe, God, Psyche. Energy blocks in our Crown Chakra can manifest, or rather not manifest much in our lives as that center allows us to express our true inner-self, passions, dreams. Be colorful with your thoughts so that your canvas (the medium through which you express yourself) is lively and magnificent!

Keep growing stronger friend,

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