Becoming More Positive?

S.M.I.L.E = Smile Merely Indicates Laughter and Excitement

If you S.M.I.L.E MORE, you’ll bring positive thoughts. When you think positivity, you’ll SPEAK words of positivity, when you speak positive words you’ll DO positive things. By DOING the thing you’ll HAVE THE POWER as Ralph Waldo Emerson once said. Positivity is truly a place where your mind and spirit are communicating in the Eb and Flow of the rhythm of life.

Listen to great speakers such as Tony Robbins, Les Brown and Zig Ziglar. Perhaps you have someone that is a great coach, a person you admire and respect that is in your own community. Sit down with that person and listen to what he or she has to offer to you.

Blessings and Strength,

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