Dear Coach, Is this REAL Highschool Life?

Daniel Lewandowski writes today and asks, “I am 15 i am depressed i cant orgnaise myself.I like gaming it makes me happy.Having good grades makes me happy but they’re bad atm. I am nerd with no social life so it makes no sense.I want to balance studying,wrokout and gaming.How can I do that and get better grades? HOW TO STUDY? Write or read?

Here’s what I shared with our young friend:

Hey there Daniel, hope all is well! It sounds like things may not be so well at the moment, which is curious because I see the words Happy and Study throughout your questions. That leads me to believe that you DO LIKE to BE HAPPY and TO STUDY. Perhaps there is something you have left out? I believe you may have forgotten to express how EAGER and MOTIVATED you are!

See video games aren’t necessarily the problem to your organization, it’s the platform you use to EXPRESS YOUR HAPPINESS which needs to be changed. If you like gaming, I invite you to look at your work as a game. Every game has three essential elements to it:

  1. Rules
  2. Players
  3. Win/Lose

School and the work given is “designed” to give you the necessary tools to take the next step into adulthood. Your projects, assignments, homework, tests and quizzes ALL have rules so it’s your job to understand which rules work FOR YOU. Take your favorite games you’re playing at the moment and visualize the rules inside of the games. What areas ARE YOU NOT ALLOWED to go into, which weapons/tools work BETTER in certain situations, what maps have a better advantage, is speed or brute force better to have and for which maps and other players, are there certain spells that work better for given types of enemies etc. These are RULES you need to understand for gaming, take that into your school work! What rules do you need to follow and which ones work better for which situations? Relate your gaming experience and happiness to school “gaming” and happiness.

You’re also a player, you have an objective and that is to WIN or OVERCOME some obstacle. Quizzes, Tests and Projects are the villain or other player which have defeated you TIME AFTER TIME – it’s time to claim victory but not just in any plain fashion. I invite you to SHOW UP AND SHOW DOWN, let each exam you take be as if it were the last chance you get to play this game. Leave NOTHING LEFT ON THE TABLE which means you need to study to the point where not only are you PREPARED but there is no doubt in your mind that YOU WILL SUCCEED/PASS.

There’s also the outcome, you either W.I.N (Work In Now) or you L.O.S.E (Loss Of Self Expression) and let me tell you NO ONE likes to L.O.S.E. You have to be diligent, you have to apply yourself and YOU have to motivate yourself to W.I.N. Life is too short Daniel, don’t SPEND time but INVEST time. Invest your time and energy into your school and USE gaming to help relate the struggles of school with so you can conquer and be successful.

Keep growing stronger,

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