Mental Strength – Is It Genetic?

Being mentally strong isn’t about where you come from, it’s about H.E.A.R.T (Have Every Able Reassurance Tackled). Mental fortitude can be trained much like everything in life, breaking down and shying away from adversity is a part of the process. Every successful person (they don’t have to be a global celebrity but look at the people you grew up with) has ONE similar trait in them – that being NOT GIVING UP. I don’t have a one-shot answer for you friend, what I can share with you is from experience, my own failures, my own defeats and my own triumphs….

KEEP…….GOING……I invite you to start your day (EACH DAY) with a self-affirmation in the mirror. Look yourself directly in the mirror EVERY MORNING and say, “I love you, thank you being my best friend on this journey.” Say that 3 times in the AM before you start your day. Before you go to sleep, complete a self-affirmation with regards to ONE THING YOU DID BEST TODAY. Don’t over think it friend, simply take a few minutes to pick one thing you did your best today at today – tomorrow is a new day with an OPPORTUNITY to start fresh. Understand that each day is an opportunity for you to grow and become stronger, if you increase your mental strength even 0.5% A DAY guess what? That’s an 183% increase in your mental fortitude over ONE YEAR!

Remember that, ‘You don’t have to be great to start, but you gotta start to be great”.

Blessings and Strength,

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