Study, workout, sports and friends. Where can I find balance?

Determine what your most important D.R.E.A.M (Direct Reflection Expressing A Miracle) is. If your dream is to be the best veterinarian, chemist, accountant etc. then put STUDYING at the top of your energy bucket. If you like % or visuals then 50% of the your day (get at least 6–8 hours of sleep, LITERALLY GET 6–8 HOURS OF SLEEP DON’T IGNORE IT) should be spent studying. Study EVERYWHERE, taking a dump, eating a snack but NOT while eating a meal (use the time you have for meals to truly be for enjoying your meal and not stressed about studying), waiting for the bus etc.

Spend at least 30–60 minutes 4–5 days a week exercising (that’s 30% of your energy bucket after studying, leaving you 20% left). With limited time I recommend body weight circuits if you don’t have the resources or funds for a personal coach. If you like compound movements (Barbell movements) pick up Jim Wendler’s 5–3–1 and throw in conditioning of your choice. OR if you’re a college living student, ask your friends who workout to workout with them! Find clubs around campus that are into movement, fitness, health etc.

With the 20% of your energy bucket left, i invite you to split that into how you see fit. Find time to spend with your friends, family, special someone BUT ALWAYS GET 6–8 hours or UNINTERRUPTED SLEEP.

Keep growing stronger friend,

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