Dear Coach, How can I balance gaming and studying?

Here’s a question from a young lad who asks, “Hello. How can I balance gaming and studying ? I want to have straight A’s in 10th grade but all my friends play video games and thats literally the only way to get in contact with them. How can I get straight A’s and play games and do other useful stuff on pc?I don’t want to end up without friends”.

My strong friend, ask yourself first if ALL of your friends who play games are currently A students. If they’re not, guess what? Playing games aren’t going to get you straight A’s! Now if you do have ones that have an A average and play games, ask them EXACTLY how they study, what type of learning methods work best for them so you can start to do the same. Every person learns in a different manner, for me i’m more of a visual person rather than an auditory learner. I understand you’re young, however I believe that you have something great about yourself as you see yourself as WANTING STRAIGHT A’s. In order to achieve this goal and to keep being a GREAT PERSON – you gotta outweigh time spent playing games vs time spent studying.

Friends come and go, your true friends will LOVE and RESPECT YOU for who you are and not what your gamer tag or achievement board looks like. Your life after highschool and beyond will be a direct reflection of WHAT YOU DO START DOING TODAY.

I know you’ll do the right thing,

Keep growing stronger,

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