How do you motivate and push yourself to achieve great things if you don’t have the privilege to have people (family and friends) around you?

Take the risk of doing something you’re afraid of. Whether it’s jumping off a high dive, playing flag football, asking a girl/boy out, speaking in public, completing a class – each of those events among many others will be the catalyst to which achieving great things will happen. You’ll create a domino effect by DOING THE THING, don’t look toward the outcome or the results. Whether you fail or win at this thing that has been holding you back, YOU DOING THE THING will GIVE YOU THE POWER; this power is COURAGE and with this new found courage you’ll find each opportunity to grow stronger through tackling any challenge which faces you to be simply, another opportunity to grow stronger in body, mind and spirit.

Don’t look toward others for support, eventually the actions you take will start to draw people toward you because of your magnetic attraction. By overcoming obstacles day by day, week by week you’ll soon find motivation and the urge to BECOME BETTER than YESTERDAY as something which drives you BECAUSE YOU were able to take action.

Remember that, “Failure is an event, not a person”.

Keep growing stronger,

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