Procrastination, why am I waiting…

Here’s a question, “How does one stop procrastinating when they dread something difficult or that they may not have the energy to carry on their tasks?”

Ask yourself, “How much does this mean to me?” – if you’re able to provide a genuine and 100% answer to yourself then procrastination or loss of energy will not be a deterrent. You see when you want something bad enough, when you’re willing to see that through achieving this goal the rewards far outweigh the struggle and pain then you’ll understand that the journey itself endows you with ever-lasting energy to continue on and see it through the end. If you’re dreading something, are you dreading doing the thing because you can’t appreciate hard work? Is the dread because you’ve failed before and can’t stand to see yourself fail again? Do you get 50% through something and then quit? Be honest with yourself, the only reason you would be asking this questions is lack of discipline.

If everything were easy and given, we would all be at the top but the fact of the matter is only 4% of successful people are successful because they did what the other 96% DIDN’T WANT TO DO. It wasn’t the case they couldn’t do it, we all have equal opportunity to be the best version of ourselves but it’s UP TO YOU to be that person.

So write down your G.O.A.L (Go Out And Live) on a big piece of paper with colorful borders, put sparkles around it whatever gets your attention. Make 3–5 copies of it and keep one near your bed, one in your bathroom, one at your desk, one in your car and one in your wallet/purse. Each time you feel yourself doubting yourself or feeling that dread of failure returning please take out or look at your G.O.A.L, say OUT LOUD to yourself your goal and each time you say let it grow louder and louder both externally through your voice and internally through your soul. Once you’ve stated your G.O.A.L three times, say to yourself these two words….



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