Dear Coach, How does one BECOME “socially” warmer?

Our friend Cameron Beck writes to me and shares,
“I’m 68 so it may be too late. I believe my father’s inexplicable hostility & cruelty is to blame. It breaks my heart reviewing my life and seeing where my cold behavior hurt someone—often someone I really liked. “That was cold of you.” “You don’t love me.” Are there treatments? Exercises? ANYTHING?”
My response to Mr. Beck to aid him on his journey,

It’s never too late for ANYTHING Mr. Beck. Sir i’d like to ask you a question if I may, “Do you wish you could have done more in your life”? I’m sure the answer is more than 50% yes, now am I correct in saying that Mr. Beck? Now I believe that each and everyone of us is born to W.I.N (Without Indication of No), all that means is taking no for an answer because you believe in something. We’re born to be successful and with success comes a certain level of empathy. If we are empathetic toward others, we can understand where they are coming from AND be able to find ways, in our own way, to help and support them.

I invite you bring in a more S.M.I.L.E into your life, That’s Smiles Merely Indicate Laugher and Excitement. When you’re able to smile, laugh and express excitement not only does your mind begin to surge with positive and warmer thoughts, but your body will directly reflect that same energy! Our body’s are our minds and our minds are our body’s, they are separate from a physiological or neuromuscular perspective (don’t worry about the technicality of it, just know you can’t separate what you think from what your body does).

If there’s one definite resource I can offer, please pick up the book, “How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie. I believe you’ll find some key answers and tools which will support you on this journey.

Blessings and Strength Mr. Beck

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