How do I become a self-propelled learner?

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Beautiful question, thank you very much for sharing friend. I take it from asking about SELF-PROPEL that you’re looking for ways to motivate you to learn things which may not interest you. More often discovering HOW you learn is the best place to start. Some people gravitate towards visuals, others auditory and so on. You can find your learning style through this survey here What’s Your Learning Style? which will provide you with how you learn best.

Now that you have your learning style at your hands it’s time to get to W.O.R.K (Winners Organize like Real Kings)! Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “NOTHING GREAT was EVER achieved without ENTHUSIASM”. I invite you to take that to heart especially with regards to subject matters which may not interest you. Find ways which you can relate an external source toward your topics to help motivate and inspire you to be CURIOUS. The more you’re curious the more you’ll WANT to keep learning and discovering! The biggest take-away you’ll receive from this is empowerment to be the person you want to be through studious and consistent learning.

Keep growing stronger,

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