Gaining General Knowledge – Slippery Slope

Be very self-aware when you seek “general knowledge”, for knowledge that is not guiding you toward the direction of A.) Your D.R.E.A.M (Direct Reflection Expressing A Miracle) or B.) Resources to better support those around you then my friend that “general knowledge” is as useful as speaking to a wall with what you know. What is it that you seek? What is it which excites you!!! Now that is some knowledge even I would love to hear about! Gaining general knowledge with regards to a subject directly relating to YOU and your passion is much more worth-engaging in.

There are plenty of tips out there and i’m sure many of our friends here will already be sharing with you on how to best maximize time spent as well as which platforms to leverage for all of your knowledge grasping needs, but what I offer is this…….general knowledge is like filling a gallon water jug – it’s going to look the same, it’s going to taste the same (unless you have a HQ filter and add your own mineral content to it). Now if your water jug is kept in a large amber colored jug to preserve the natural YIN quality of the water then that water is MUCH different! I invite you to seek SPECIFIC knowledge to helping you improve your craft, vocation, life’s task and when you’re able to do that, your knowledge will lead to wisdom which will help support those around you.


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