How can I force myself to do things without procrastinating?

Thomas Kutcher asks, “Im a high school student that wants to stop procrastinating (using my phone, watching tv, etc.) , and start doing things that actually mean something (learning to code, reading, study, etc.)”.

Here’s what I shared with our young friend:

I’ve been seeing a trend with our young generation (not to point fingers at all but a simple OBSERVATION) that many of our high school youth have a DESIRE to DO AND BE MORE yet they all have trouble with motivation and inspiration. Why is that? Perhaps the very things we have evolved from a technology standpoint have put our youth in such a position, but I digress…..

Thomas YOU WANT something, you want to STOP PROCRASTINATING now is that correct? If so, then I believe what may help you get started on the path of becoming a more powerful version of you is to stop FORCING. The more you “force” you more you TRAIN your mind-body to RE-ACT rather than RESPOND. The difference between the two is when you react to something or someone it’s a very primal response, which is not bad if you’re fighting off wolves or backed up in an alley with 3 thugs coming your way, but it’s ONLY that. We are made of 3 parts, human beings, and our reptilian side ALWAYS reacts, it doesn’t RESPOND. So what is responding? When you respond you make a CONSCIOUS choice based from EXPERIENCE, INTUITION and INTELLIGENCE.

Learn to respond and not react is the first step. As you like to read and study, pick up the book “Master” by Robert Greene as I believe it will give you more insight on what I speak about. Once you understand how to respond, the next thing to continue your journey is to identify what your D.R.E.A.M (Direct Reflection Expressing A Miracle) is. What are you passionate about? What do you find yourself dreaming about, even day dreaming at school about that brings YOU a sense of fulfillment? Answer that question and you’ll be on your way in becoming a more powerful version of you.

Keep growing stronger Thomas,

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