Is public speaking an art or skill?

We got a question from Mr. Saad Shaikh about the difference between public speaking as an art or a skill. Let’s dive in!

Well Saad we’ve had some incredible responses to this, I will relate with Rae with this response to it can be both or either. However, I will say this in that speaking to people – real actual people is about a relationship. What does a relationship require? It requires you need to be a listener and then to offer a solution by working TOGETHER.

Having S.K.I.L.L (Simple Knowing Inside Loses Longevity) is great because it’s how you REFINE your craft but relying on S.K.I.L.L alone without passion and patience to help others is relatable to having a pile of gold on an island where everyone could use more easily accessible fresh water. Gold won’t do them any good no matter how skillful you are with shipping and keeping inventory of it.

Now the art of anything relates passion, desire, FIRE WITHIN to express. When you speak people are looking for you to express something which YOU BELIEVE in and that they want to hear as it has intrinsic benefit to them.

Develop your S.K.I.L.L so that your ART has the best forms of communicating your idea and passion.

Blessings and strength,

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