Is there MORE to Lifting Weights?

What is it about lifting weights that peaks curiosity in people? Is it the ability to FEEL and EXPERIENCE the aesthetic gains made by lifting dumb bells, kettle bells and flipping tires? What sensation do people value when they are pushing a barbell over their head, jumping into a WOD at their local Crossfit Box or venturing into the park for a morning bootcamp? Is there some thing more to Lifting Weights than growing bigger, jumping higher, running faster and creating more PHYSICAL strength?

I believe there is…

See when you begin the journey of movement (exercise, working out, fitness) it ALL starts off with some G.O.A.L (Go Out and Live) you have. It may have been losing weight, burning fat, bigger legs, larger butt, toned arms, six pack abs etc., but notice where are you NOW? Have you achieved your goals and if you have, is there a void? Are you still trying to reach something more than fitness can help with or has the value depreciated over time? If all you are seeking NOW is simply LARGER this or BIGGER that or MORE DEFINED here, then my friend you will continue to chase your own tail. You will be forever STUCK in the rat race of F.A.DS (Falsely Advertised Diets) and looking for the next trendy workout that promises to “Get YOU Results”.

Well what is it you’re looking for?

Are you looking for “looks/likes/impressions” or are you seeking to SCALE, to grow in DEPTH and not WIDTH. What if you could TRANSCEND the notion of lifting weights to a lifestyle, to a philosophy which has helped THOUSANDS if not MILLIONS of people overcome fear, shyness, self-doubt, loss of direction, confidence and not living their life to the fullest.

What if there was something MORE to Lifting Weights that took the MINDSET of training to directly reflect your aspirations and fears in life? What if placing a barbell on your back and slapping on 330lbs with chains was the act of YOU placing the burden of growing stronger in your life (school, work, family, DREAMS), carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders? Placing it and taking a step back to prepare is like motivation, it gets you READY and gets you GOING….

Discipline, Commitment, STRONG HABITS is what gets things done

It’s up to you to squat all of that weight down, grind through your sticking point (obstacles and fear) and rise the F*ck back up because you won’t QUIT, you WON’T GIVE UP.

Lifting weights is not simply about the material and aesthetic results you receive, it’s more about WHO YOU ARE BECOMING through the transcendence of the reps, THROUGH the journey of becoming a more powerful version of YOU.

Keep growing stronger,

David Lee — The P.O.W.E.R Coach

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