How do I develop a warrior mindset?

Understand, that warrior mentality MUST BE EXPERIENCED. It is NOT something which can be learned from books, watching movies or listening to audio tapes. YOU MUST EXPERIENCE.

Take up a martial art, wrestling, jiu jitsu, strongman, football, rugby, hockey and a contact sport. I myself have 25 years from areas of martial arts, powerlifting and strong man. People OFTEN ask me, “how am I mentally and physically so strong?”. When you compete in Karate it’s only YOU AND THE OTHER GUY, when you compete in powerlifting you have 3 attempts to reach a PR – THAT’S IT! 3 attempts to reach a 1 REP MAX, going for the gusto, leaving NOTHING ON THE TABLE, GIVE IT YOUR ALL!

There are so many martial arts schools and hardcore training gyms, do a simple google search in your area and I KNOW you’ll find something FOR YOU but don’t forget that it’s the actual EXPERIENCE which creates a warrior mentality. Remember that a warrior is a devout, honorable, just and strong individual who is there to serve his KING. I invite you to read the book, “King, Warrior, Magician, Lover” by Robert Moore to provide you with more insight.

Keep growing stronger,

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