Selfishness or Self-Centered

Is there a difference? Has one or the other been hindering you from moving out of a selfish motive so you can start helping others?

I believe you’re in a very good spot friend, you see there’s a difference between being SELF-ISH and SELF-CENTERED. At the moment you may feel self-ish in the way you present yourself. However, we all must be able to do things for our self, by our self so that we may then be able to do things for other people. Helping others is an intrinsic reward in itself, by gifting others with out support and love we create a wholesome entity to which OTHER PEOPLE become attracted to. Ask yourself this, “who am I attracted to and what is it about them I am attracted to”? People are attracted to those who are supportive, empathetic and genuinely caring.

If you were walking to your car with two arms full of bags and someone had accidentally bumped into you and kept walking, well now that is a very sad place. What if that same person apologized, picked up EVERYTHING he/she knocked down and got you back on your way – now wouldn’t you feel a bit more compassionate inside? I believe you would, for caring and compassion breed good character.

I invite you to share your time with those less fortunate, perhaps you’re good at some particular craft or method – offer a class or workshop at a local venue to help support others in what you’re very good at! Each time you teach someone you are ALREADY thinking of them and not you; your duty for that 30 or 60 minute period is HELPING OTHERS.

Blessings and Strength,

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