A Look Back At 2016

As we enter in the last week of 2016, much has been accomplished and much has still yet to be achieved. Each year we do our best to be a little more, do a little more and have a little more. Is it too much to ask of ourselves to continue to grow and expand more than the previous year? I believe so!

With each year presents a new opportunity to become a more powerful version of ourselves (my mission statement for those who aren’t familiar). It’s the belief and principle that in order to maximize the presence and our legacy, we must be able to continue to move forward in all aspects of our lives; foundation and beliefs of a person mold who we become and how we interact with the world on a daily basis. I’m of the belief that without purpose, without direction we as human beings are not allowing greatness to nurture our souls.

Each person has a gift, you may not know it or believe it, and it’s our continuous self-evolution which presents the gifts and blessings of health, life and relationships. With every passing year it’s another indication that we are moving towards greatness, closer to our life’s task. There must be something deep down inside that speaks to us, it does not matter if which profession you have taken as long as your career creates happiness and balance in your life; it’s only then when you’re able to shine and provide support for others in their endeavors.

With 2016 I have had many victories, insightful experiences and opportunities to give back. Leading two Teacher Training Programs, competing twice in the USPA and taking a chance on myself to grow into theΒ entrepreneur arena. As each year goes by, I take it upon myself to reflect on my mission, my G.O.A.Ls (Go Out and Live) and what I wish to see manifest in my life – absorbing the love and support from my family and friends to keep going.

I invite you to take a few moments today, to ask yourself, β€œWhat is it I wish to see in my life?”. Is there a change you wish to see in yourself which can help you grow, expand and create a life of balance? Let 2017 be an even better year friend.

With Blessings & Strength,

David Lee – The P.O.W.E.R Coach

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