Self Control, Beating The Game

Perhaps I may invite you to think of Mind (EGO) in this way, “Mind is a beautiful servant, but a Dangerous master” (Osho). What this means it that if you can use Mind (EGO) to your advantage then you will be powerful beyond limits! However, the opposite is true, if you allow Mind (EGO) to be YOUR MASTER then you will forever be the slave to pure impulse without intelligence. There is a difference between intellect and intelligence; intellect is you THINKING you know everything, intelligence is you learning and understanding the diversity of nature and all who inhabit it.

So how do you get full control?

BREATHE, Breathe deeply all the way down to your pelvis. This form of “meditation” has been practiced for centuries and what it does is it unlocks the reptilian side of our primal nature. This area (your root chakra) is concerned about safety, territory and security. You aren’t in control because the entire spiral you have is literally being sucked all the way down there and it’s NOT going anywhere! Breathe………..Breathe……..close your eyes and allow your belly to expand…….let your heart widen and expand…….feel the air filtering through your nose and into your lungs, allow your breath to flow ALL THE WAY down to your pelvis. Now let it rise ALL THE WAY back up and out through your mouth as you think about your D.R.E.A.M (Direct Reflection Expressing A Miracle) and as you exhale visualize your D.R.E.A.M manifesting itself in the world.

Sounds like hocuspocus? Am I some shaman from the rain forest? No…..what I am is someone who has helped other become the most powerful version of themselves by teaching them this technique for the EXACT SAME QUESTION YOU HAVE.

Blessings and Strength,

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