Fear of Addiction

Here’s a question from another young lad who writes, “27 m Indian,in USA. I always want to travel,date,have fun. I have an urge to travel a lot. I have decent money&time. I am scared if I would become addicted to traveling/dating. I always used delayed gratification&till now I haven’t traveled/dated. Am I overthinking&over using delayed gratification?”

My friend there is SO MUCH to SEE!!! Don’t be afraid to experience LIFE! Now I will say this, there comes a time when you MUST KNOW when leisure conflicts with your mission, with your D.R.E.A.M (Direct Reflection Expressing A Miracle). If you start to spend 90% of your time traveling with little to no care about what contribution you gift to this world, then that will be a constant fear and shadow over-looking you until you change.

Get to know yourself FIRST, involve yourself with physical activities, social hours and time for yourself (Dr. Quiet). By interacting and actively participating in your life, you will bless others with your energy and excitement for life! Do your absolute best to keep your goals and D.R.E.A.M at the very top of your list, but also don’t worry yourself to the point where you aren’t taking opportunities to meet new people, see new things and experience all this wonderful life has to offer, A-Ho!!!!!

Any addiction is simply you not being grounded. Know yourself as I stated earlier, when you do you won’t have to worry much about sporadic addictions leading to unhealthy habits; by knowing exactly where you want to be in life and where you are now with regards to that, the only worry you’ll have is how many people can you bring along the way WITH YOU because everyone’s going to want to be along for the ride!

Keep growing stronger,

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