Parenting a 15 y/o, Yikes!

My 15 year old wants to sleepover at a boys house. Am I a bad parent to say yes?

She’s not very fond of physical contact so I’m certain in the fact that she wouldn’t have sex with him, and even if she did she’s afraid of getting pregnant so she’d use a condom. But her and this boy have done things like make out and god knows what else, so I’m unsure if it’d be a good idea.

You ARE NOT a bad parent for thinking of your child’s safety and innocence. Any parent’s inclination is to PROTECT their children, especially mothers – that’s simply the way it is, it’s a very special bond that a mother has giving birth to their child as they LITERALLY came through you!

I would invite you to consider that the ages of 13–17 are a particularly dynamic age to be in. Hormones rise, biochemical shifts occur and physiologically teens are growing which means their minds and habits are changing constantly. What I offer you is this, if you TRUST your daughter with all of your heart then allow her and honor her request to sleep at this boy’s house. She will, in all integrity and honesty, do what is best for her when a particular situation happens and will also have the trust IN YOU to tell YOU what has happened.

Encourage open communication with the boy’s parents so you have in-sight into the type of home she is entering. Perhaps go to their house for dinner, coffee, tea so that casual conversation can be made AND it allows you see the actual home and base decision on his parents and their core values.

Do not allow your child to be a slave of F.E.A.R (Favorable Experience Attributed Rarely), instead GROW WITH HER and teach her how to be a good person. A person that exudes integrity, honesty, self-respect, self-worth, and inner strength.

Blessings and Strength,

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