True Love or Follow Your Dreams

From Derek T,

Which is harder to do, find true love or follow your dreams?

I believe the true question to be asking here is Derek is, “Where do I start?”. You see there is NO DIFFERENCE in the degree of true love and your dreams. BOTH require patience, commitment, empathy, compassion and spirit! It is entirely possible to DO BOTH, so take a moment here to simply reflect on the road to your success.

True love can be found WHEN you are open and free to the world itself; you’ll automatically attract the people with which you gravitate towards and THEN it’s your responsibility to FOLLOW THROUGH. If you’re chasing your D.R.E.A.M (Direct Reflection Expressing A Miracle) and you have been for quite some time, then you’re not running fast enough……RUN FASTER. You gotta go for what you believe in, what you believe in is the culmination of experience which you’ve learned first hand from. For if you believe it, you WILL ACHIEVE IT! Being successful (relationships and dreams) isn’t about figuring out which one is harder. It’s simply, figuring out where you’re going to start! You already know that you WILL FIND TRUE LOVE and that YOU WILL FOLLOW AND REACH YOUR DREAMS.

It’s all a matter of time before BOTH happen to you Derek. If both are something you truly wish to see manifest, I invite you take the time to write down your D.R.E.A.M – write it down big and colorful and place it in your room so you see it EVERY SINGLE DAY. For true love, well i’m a firm believer that when you find the right person it’s because the right OPPORTUNITY met you face to face and you chose to accept and open it with open arms.

Keep growing stronger,

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