An Everyday Mantra – What’s Yours?


For me being unreasonable with my goals and what I want to see happen in my life has by far kept my attitude and work ethic at its peak each and every day. When you’re unreasonable, you simply take someone’s answer or response to your offer of service or product you have as nothing personal, they simply didn’t hear you! So be unreasonable with YOUR RESPONSE so that you end up working together with the people you want AND you also get whatever it is you were looking for.

The next time you get rejected, excused, checked off – KEEP GOING. Ask them again, ask them again , ask them again, ask them again and again until they realize HOW VALUABLE YOU ARE. They see that you’re committed, you did your research on the company/product, you’re astute, on time, diligent, motivated and independent without the need to be micromanaged.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Do the THING and you’ll have the POWER”. The power you receive by DOING THE THING is BEING UNREASONABLE with ALL forms of rejection or disapproval. Make it a point to get YOUR P.O.I.N.T (Powerful Original Insight Newly Translated) across, don’t TAKE no for an answer because for the most part the people you wish to work and impress don’t KNOW enough about what you can offer.

Continue to apply yourself, continue to motivate yourself with whatever it is you’re doing in your life and you’ll look back years from now thanking yourself for being unreasonable.


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