Finished With College! Now What?

This will be a short post, but well worth the insight from an Engineering major looking for direction:

“I wanted to be a News Reader and I don’t have any requirements regarding that. I’m so scared about my life. I don’t really think I’ve got any serious talents. My parents work hard for my tuition and I’m wasting every single note of it. All I do is watch every Netflix/HBO series and movies”.

The first thing you ought to do friend is find gratitude for your new found inner discovery. When something DEEP INSIDE you is calling you, when you feel in your gut – in your viscera that what you will be embarking MAY NOT BE what you truly desire to do, then you MUST ask yourself one question. What is my D.R.E.A.M? What is a Direct Reflection Expressing A Miracle which you wish to not only SEE but MANIFEST FOR the world. Notice how I said FOR the world, that is because your vocation must be one that will benefit the world.

You have spent at least 3–4 years already if you are an Engineer (I too was an engineering major before I switched majors so I know how you feel) then I invite you to meditate on HOW you can provide your D.R.E.A.M by combining your education and skills in Engineering WITH News reading. There are platforms already an existence, they may not be highly talked about BUT I know that with enough research you’ll find similar people and companies who are doing this. Take the time to research diligently on the market that is being targeted, what MESSAGE you wish to convey and which platform will best serve your needs.

Chin up friend, I promise you that if you leverage your SKILL and PASSION that you will be at the top.

Blessings and Strength,

David Lee – The P.O.W.E.R Coach

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