Why Am I Attached To Social Media!

“I always run to check my phone to see how many likes, comments, and in some cases upvotes and downvotes I got. I’m trying to build my self confidence, and it seems social media is my number one source of strength. How can I stop that? I’m always in for disappointment when I do that”.

Friend you must understand that social media can be an outstanding platform to grow confidence, HOWEVER you must also understand that there will be people who agree with what you say and there will be people who COMPLETELY DISAGREE with your statements. You have to accept that social media and the internet is not governed, you can literally say whatever you want on the internet so people may respond how they wish to respond. If you get a like, dislike, thumbs up or down people will typically take no more than 3 seconds to decide on which button to hit. That is because people in general have been conditioned to use social media in a very FAST AND IMMEDIATE WAY.

So if you offer something on the internet you’ll rarely get genuine feedback. Now if someone responded to your comment or post and INITIATED COMMUNICATION WITH YOU, then that is VERY powerful. Now you can begin a meaningful conversation with people to create change and make in impact.

Don’t be worried or lower YOUR self-confidence over a hundred or a thousand negative responses – you will find more people will gravitate toward what you say IF it’s impactful and genuine. Speak from your OWN experiences and not from someone else’s.

Remember that, “People don’t care how much YOU KNOW, until they KNOW how much you CARE ABOUT THEM”.


David Lee – The P.O.W.E.R Coach


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