How Did You Transform Your Life?

From Ali A.

Well Ali, much like how still water has potential to create movement (imagine tossing a SMALL pebble into a pond, how the hundreds of ripples are formed from ONE LITTLE THING) I was able to transform my life from not being confident, being shy, afraid to speak to people, unsure about my life’s task, how to accomplish my goals and how to reach other people with my message – I took a leap of faith to understand that in order for me to truly make an impact on this world, I needed to STOP being afraid of where I used to be in the confines of safety with frustration, and start using my G.O.A.L (Go Out and Live) driven approach to transform my life.

It ins’t easy and will never be easy, but transformation requires the following to become manifest:

  • Patience
  • Consistency
  • Time alone to mature
  • Love

You have to be patient as results will come with your structure

Be consistent with the methods you choose to apply change in your life. Create STRONG HABITS and DO THE THING EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Have an UNWAVERING DESIRE to see your Transformation come to light

Understand that quiet time (organic growth) is NECESSARY for all change and transformation. A butterfly doesn’t START as a butterfly; it truly is a butterfly in nature but it STARTS as a caterpillar and then MORPHS/TRANSFORMS into what is TRULY is

Love yourself, so that you may love others and be the change YOU wish to see in yourself and the world


David Lee –

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