Retire Young, What’s The Strategy

I want to retire young. I’m 25 making 65K and likely going to make 100K from age 30 onward. What is my best strategy moving forward?” – Mustafa I.

Hello Mustafa! Well it certainly sounds like you have some goal in mind if you wish to retire “young”. Correct me if i’m wrong, but if you’re looking at the value money has in the world today and you’re using that as a means to an end I invite you to look at three things moving forward industry you’re in right now:

  1. What Industry are you in?
  2. What direction is the industry and company you work for heading in?
  3. Where do YOU see yourself within your company?

If you don’t know what industry YOU’RE TRULY IN then you won’t have the information needed to succeed.

You also need to understand what direction the industry is heading in and where your company fits in that role for you to maximize the potential earnings you can make with your company.

Lastly where do you see yourself? What area of leadership do you see yourself within your department? How will that benefit the organization for its continued success and make YOU the leading authority with your expertise?

Be tenacious, be fearless but also be VERY SELF-AWARE at what your true aim is. Is your A.I.M (Acting Inner Movement) to hit 1,000 targets or is your A.I.M to break every 1,000 targets so BOLDY and MIGHTY that people will come to you and ask, “How did you do it?”.

Don’t settle for mediocrity when you can SHOOT FOR EXCELLENCE.

Stay humble and keep growing stronger,

David Lee – The P.O.W.E.R. Coach


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