What Are 3 Very Good Habits?

From Kate M.

Hi Kate! Habits, wow….what a POWERFUL word am I right? You may have heard similar words that get you going such as motivation, inspiration etc. Motivation is what gets you going…..commitment, discipline, STRONG HABITS is what GETS THINGS DONE.

By creating STRONG HABITS first and foremost you will be able to achieve what it is you wish to see expressed in your life. Here are three habits which have helped me and people i’ve advised to create healthy and strong habits in their lives:

  1. Listen B4 Speaking
  2. Patience in the face of Anxiety
  3. Be a life long learner

When you LISTEN you become very self-aware of your surroundings. You start to look at people’s body language, how they carry themselves, their posture and their energy. If you can create a habit by honing in onto these signals you’ll have a more productive time when offering solutions in work, school and in life.

Be PATIENT when you feel anxious about an event as the Universe gives BACK exactly what you GIVE. If you always find yourself wanting to get the last word in, cutting someone off because an idea jumps out I invite you to let those events happen rather than judging and trying to cut them off at the get go. Instead, notice when you DO happen to speak before someone is finished and allow your own self-awareness to build over time. Patience is a virtue, not merely figuratively but you’ll find that questions to life, career and relationships will have more impact for you.

Lastly, be a LIFE LONG LEARNER. The moment you feel and tell yourself, “I KNOW EVERYTHING I CAN STOP” you have died……you let the candle of curiosity and growth fade. When that happens you become a victim of your own dogma and forget why it is you even started creating STRONG HABITS. You created these habits because you WISHED to be the change you desired to see in yourself, a change to BE, DO and HAVE

BE the right person, DO the right thing so you can HAVE what it is you want.


David Lee – The P.O.W.E.R Coach

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