Confidence To Be You

From Maciel R,

Maciel confidence is a trait which can be trained much like every thing else in life. Being confident and GAINING confidence all lend to you wanting a change. When the desire to change is GREATER than the resistance to change, then CHANGE will happen. However, none of it matters if you DON’T KNOW who you want to be! What is you want to see in the world you live in that speaks to you?

Do you wish to be a star athlete? How about an artist? Perhaps who you want to be is a great father and husband, i’m not sure what is you want to be so I invite you to understand that part first. Now once you have determined who it is you wish to become, now comes the challenge of gaining confidence. I’ll share with you one amazing and proven way to become and gain continuous confidence.

SPEAKING, yes SPEAKING! Here are 3 areas you can use to accomplish this:

  1. Go on dates, don’t worry about the actual outcome of the dates but go on as many as you can so you have interactions and conversations with as many different people as you can.
  2. Find a local event that interests you and go there BY YOURSELF. Speak to any and everyone you meet there. Notice their body language and which words you say have what type of affect.
  3. Meet with a friend you know who is GREAT at speaking his/her mind and spend as much time as you can around this friend. Learn and mentally take notes on what they do best, SPEAKING.

Once you are able to master the art of speaking you’ll find that confidence to be who you are multiply almost 10 fold! The reason WHY is because your THOUGHTS become your WORDS, your WORDS thus become your deeds/habits/actions. By learning to speak, and speak well you’ll start to re-train a part of your personality which has been locked away. It’s time to unlock your potential and be the person you wish to see in this world.

Blessings and strength,

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