Schoolwork and Motivation

I invite you to pay particular ATTENTION to the word motivate. You see if you can relate motivation to ALL aspects of your life, then simple things such as homework will be another checkbox you can make on your daily domination of life. When you’re motivated, IN-SPIRED (Inspiration) and have an unwavering desire to reach far and above, you’ll find that taking action is simply a part of WHO YOU ARE.

What is it that you want to be motivated for AFTER doing your homework? What is currently substituting your desire to be successful that you find a lack of motivation to be complete your studies? Perhaps it’s spending too much time on the internet asking questions on motivation?

Now that may have been a bit blunt, but that’s simply how I respond. I’ve learned through MANY years of calculation, research and planning that the path to success and motivation towards such success is only established by DOING. I believe by you DOING homework that it will build a strong habit of discipline, but you need to ask yourself what’s BEHIND the homework. What is it you TRULY wish to have, then you’ll find all the motivation you need friend; motivation from WITH-IN.

Blessings and strength,

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