What Dangerous Habits Do You Have?

From Ashurii,

The only dangerous habits you can have Ashurii are having NO HABITS. Understand that what you may define as a HABIT can be easily inter-changed with an addiction or a routine which is life-less (less living). When you have a habit it is a driven and primal urge to be disciplined to achieve a G.O.A.L (Go Out and Live) you have. Now perhaps you yourself have some habits you undertake daily which help you grow stronger in mind, body and spirit. Perhaps it’s a habit of waking up an hour early so you can be the first person at work. Maybe it’s spending an extra 30 minutes in the evening studying so you’re more prepared for your day tomorrow.

There are so many habits you can start TODAY which will not only HELP but continuously give you progress each and everyday on the journey of becoming a stronger version of yourself.

Create strong habits for yourself and SHARE those with others around you so you may empower them as well, THEN you create the ultimate habit which is CHANGE.


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