Consecutive Exams, Help!

A critical question to ask yourself before this is, “What am I TRULY studying for?”. The superficial answer is you’re studying for a SPECIFIC exam with SPECIFIC topics. This is true, BUT if you understand what’s at the end of it – after passing and receiving your degree/certification/diploma then you won’t need to ask for motivation. You’ll ask within yourself for the energy to continue to keep going, to work towards your D.R.E.A.M (Direct Reflection Expressing A Miracle) and become who you want to be. Motivation won’t be needed friend because you’ve become SO DETERMINED to see your passion and D.R.E.A.M manifest that people will start to ask YOU, “How are you so motivated”?

It’s not about being motivated, it’s about UNDERSTANDING what it is YOU WANT. Motivation simply gets you going, but if you KNOW deep down inside what’s on the other side then you’ll have all the tools and the POWER to do what needs to be done.

As Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “do the THING and you’ll HAVE THE POWER”.

Keep growing stronger,

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