Historical Figures Have A Legacy – What’s Mine?

There are many humans who will go down in history. I am an average, everyday 56 year old man who will not . How can I come to terms with this fact?” – James M

James if history has taught us anything, is that only the people who truly have a desire and who are passionate about life (regardless if it had a positive or negative affect on the world) are the ones who make a mark on life. I invite you to re-frame your question to, “How may I contribute to history”?

You see there’s a difference between traveling across the horizontal life and ascending the vertical line of life. The horizontal line is the line of age, of a number. This line many people travel, aimlessly without any purpose or initiative. It’s a very common line, nothing remarkable about it simply another number and another body. Now the line of verticality is MUCH MORE interesting. The vertical line relates to maturity, of growing up rather than growing old. I invite you to seek the line of growing up by starting to surround yourself around people with which YOU see are changing and offering growth to the world. By being around these select few you’ll feel their energy, it’s a gut and visceral feeling that can’t be explained with words – only felt. Spend enough time around these folks, learn from them and ask them QUESTIONS. ASK THEM QUESTIONS, what is their story and what legend are they going to gift the world with?

Don’t come to terms with it when YOU can contribute to making an impact. Start by impacting the people around you, your community and be a beacon of hope and light for other men in your same position.

Keep growing stronger,


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