Cold Showers – Improving Life

“I am a big fan of taking cold showers and have recently tried acupuncture mat for my sleep which has worked out well. I wonder if there are similar things that you can do or try that will improve your life?” – Brook

Breathing, Deep Breathing…….respiration is higher not only on the survival totem pole but without breath the magical dance of life and nature would cease. You’re on the right path Brook, I believe that learning deep diaphragmatic breathing will help improve your quality life to the degree where you’ll start to become more aware of your own breathing patterns. A yoga practice, Tai Chi and Chi Gong are all great breathing practices which you can incorporate daily to help improve posture, digestion, circulation, clarity, focus and creating a deeper connection with self.

Look for community centers or local studios around your area which offer these wonderful and age long practices. Try all 3 and stick to at least ONE, give it enough time for you to FEEL and EXPERIENCE the physiological changes which are happening. Once that happens you’ll begin to cultivate self-awareness to energy around you; connecting with nature, honoring and respecting all forms of life which in turn will create a more loving and caring relationship with those around you.


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