Looking Forward To Life

“What do you have going for you in your life?

What do you have to look forward to?

Right now, I feel like I have nothing to look forward to. This can’t be true so please tell me what you have to look forward to maybe it will help me see the error in my thought process”. – Greg E

L.I.F.E…..I have L.I.F.E to look forward to! You see L.I.F.E (Looking Inside For Everything) is an intrinsic journey, this journey is what every H.E.R.O (Have Every Reason to Overcome) goes on – it’s a journey of self-discovery, patience, hardship, failure, doubt, confusion and fear. It’s ALSO a journey that GIFTS you with self-reliance, self-worth, self-trust, self-love, passion, FIRE, COURAGE, BRAVERY, TENACITY, victory and triumphs!

Greg i’m unsure of what your current vocation is, what type of career you have or perhaps you’re still in school but do not let your environment and situation dictate WHO YOU WILL BECOME. You asked for some things that I have going on my life and what I look forward to…..I believe you may be looking OUTSIDE which is the opposite of where you need to be looking. I can tell you a few things, which may help so here a few:

  • Having my health (I eat whole foods and train 6 days a week)
  • Having caring parents and a lovely sister who support me
  • Close group of friends who I can speak to about anything and enjoy their energy
  • Mentors who guide me in all endeavors of my life
  • The morning sunshine because it’s another OPPORTUNITY to give back to the world
  • A roof over my head so that I may rest and recover for the next day of serving others
  • Water to help invigorate and sustain my body

Life doesn’t have to be monetization, sure it’s VERY NICE and we all love to make a reasonable income doing what we enjoy and are passionate about, but there are so many people in this world without water, a home or food.

So what is it you have to look forward to? Well what is it YOU WISH to see in this world? What change do you wish to be a part of to not only make a difference but to be a part of that change? When you can answer that I believe you’ll have EVERYTHING to look forward to my friend.

Keep growing stronger Greg,

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