You Got Enlightment All Wrong

“Do you have to be a good person to get/use the rumored supernatural power you get from yoga (Samadhi)?”

IF you believe that Yoga has provided you with a depth and inner-wealth of transformation (lost a job and found peace by following your passion, were timid and shy and through the practice you’ve developed self-worth and confidence etc.) then you’ll understand here friend that the PRACTICE of Yoga does not manifest itself in “supernatural” territory. Yes the word supernatural is one of the easiest ways to explain the GIFTS you receive from the PRACTICE, but attaining enlightenment DOESN’T have the requirement of “being a good person” and Yoga is not about using or getting something in return for self-gratification.

It’s about the JOURNEY and you’re ON THE JOURNEY but the JOURNEY is hard! It’s riddled with failure and that’s why most people associate benefits of yoga with some mystical phenomenon that can only be acquired through highly spiritual beings. That is not Yoga (at least my experience with it) that is simply feeding a “guru” mindset and allowing SOMEONE ELSE to dictate the type of person you are.

So friend to answer your question, I invite you to re-frame the picture you have of Yoga, Samadhi and the practice. If you practice Yoga, and please find a mentor who listens to you and has experience not just teaching but COMMUNICATING and LISTENING to people, then you’ll understand that we, “make a living by what we get, we make a LIFE by what we give”. Give MORE, SERVE MORE, DO MORE for others – that is what Samadhi is. It is in-lighting YOU with the power and presence to share, support and create change in this world.


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