The Secret To Self Discipline

“I am someone who is self aware, intelligent, and always striving for self improvement. Yet there areas of self discipline that continue to evade me.
For example, no matter how many times I try to set up a good exercise schedule, it just doesn’t stick. Or, I know I need to sleep more hours to be more alert healthy and productive but I stay up late snacking and watching TV.
I envy the friend who hits the gym like clockwork at 6 am every day. Has been doing so for 10 years. Or, the people I read about here on quora who get 8 hours of sleep every night.
Is it simply that these people have worked harder at it? Maybe these things come more naturally for them? Or is it that some people are more predisposed to a stronger sense of self discipline than others?” – Cela C.

The thing about secrets and self-discipline, is that the hidden gem underneath it all is THIS…….potential is where self-awareness, intelligence and “looking” or striving lay dormant. Meaning you have to first connect with YOU in order to build self-awareness etc BUT you can’t LIVE in potential forever. You have to ACT, you have to take ACTION so that potential energy BECOMES and GROWS into Kinetic Energy – Energy in motion E-Motion. By you WANTING to do and be more, you’re at the starting line – right?

You showed up, you talked yourself and motivated yourself to prepare for a new journey! So you’ve made it passed the crowd and ticket tape parade and get setup, you take your stance and perhaps a few breaths to get grounded…….you place your feet and hands down at the starting line and wait for the signal…….the shot fires and BAM! Everyone heads off the line sprinting down those 200 meters of victory! You don’t……’re still on the line WAITING to move……thinking about it…..contemplating about it……..WISHING to MOVE…

No body is BORN to be “better” THAN anyone else, but you WERE BORN TO WIN. In order to manifest your birth right, you gotta want it Cela/Lily. You REALLY HAVE TO WANT IT, right now you just KIND OF WANT IT. It’s SORT OF important to you, similar to it’s SORT OF important to wake up at 6AM each day – it’s SORT OF important to get 8 hours of sleep so you can crush the day tomorrow rather than romanticize watching others on TV.

Remember that, “You don’t have to be GREAT to START…..but you gotta START to be GREAT”. Challenge yourself to START BEING GREAT and that BEGINS with you WANTING IT. You have to want to change SO BAD because there’s NO OTHER OPTION; you were born to win……that is your G.O.A.L (Go Out and LIVE).

Blessings and Strength

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