16 and Freaking Out!

“Is it normal to be 16 and already freaking out about having to go through life?”

I believe it would be normal NOT to be freaking out at 16, if you aren’t then you will be mulling long through your junior, senior years and into college. Faced at the end with a dilemma……after all these years of school I have no idea what I want to do. Sound about right? Perhaps not that extreme but many people in your shoes are in that same position or have been and wished they made changes earlier in their lives when they had the OPPORTUNITY.

I invite you TRULY take the time right now and recognize what skills you have, what natural talents you possess and begin questioning what it is you enjoy doing? Perhaps you LOVE academics, maybe it’s sports, perhaps setting up social events – what is it you TRULY have a genuine passion for? Make that a project, a two year project to which at the end of your senior year will be presented for EVERYONE TO VIEW and EXPERIENCE.

It’s to “freak” out……..now what? What are YOU going to do? You have SO MUCH ahead of you friend, so many opportunities to grow and offer change……..do it……do what YOU ARE passionate about friend and you’ll be at the top wondering, “why the heck was I freaking out in the first place?”

Keep growing stronger,

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