Why Do We Ask Questions

From Zakir Hossen,

Well, what enticed you to ask this particular question?

What motivation brought you take a few seconds to type in the words, β€œWhy do we ask”?

Why is it that human beings ask questions?

Do you see where I’m going here friend? It’s the curiosity within us to learn and understand at a higher level than other mammals.

If you aren’t asking, you aren’t learning

Without having the desire to understand something, your life will never move forward – when you’re not moving forward in a direction life around you WILL pass you by.

Imagine your world, as it is, in fast forward while you’re still stuck on pause. Is that the life you want to live in, is that the world you wish to participate in?

Be curious so that evolution occurs

Ask questions, ask Why, continue to be a life long investigator into the unknown so you have practical and holistic awareness of where the world is, where’s it’s going and your purpose in it.

Be ever curious and keep moving forward Zakir,

And as always, keep growing stronger,

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